We are proud to welcome Prof. Dr. Erich Neuhold and Dr. Ismail Khalil as keynote speakers at AsiaARES and ICT-EurAsia 2014!

Interoperability – Problems and Solution

Prof. Dr. Erich J. Neuhold, University of Vienna, Austria

Abstract: Interoperability is a qualitative property of computing infrastructures that denotes the ability of the sending and receiving systems to exchange and properly interpret information objects across system boundaries.
Since this property is not given by default, the interoperability problem involves the representation of meaning and has been an active research topic for approximately four decades. Early database models such as the Relational Model used schemas to express semantics and implicitly aimed at achieving interoperability by providing programming independence of data storage and access.
After a number of intermediate steps such as Object Oriented Data Bases and Semi – Structured Data such as hypertext and XML document models, the notions of semantics and interoperability became what they have been over the last ten years in the context of the World Wide Web and more recently the concept of Open Linked Data.
The talk will concentrate on the early history but also investigate the (reoccurring) problem of interoperability as it can be found in the massive data collections around the Open Linked Data concepts. We investigate semantics and interoperability research from the point of view of information systems. It should give an overview of existing old and new interoperability techniques and point out future research directions, especially for concepts found in Open Linked Data and the Semantic WEB.


Erich Neuhold is Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of  Vienna and at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Darmstadt University of Technology. Until 2005 he was also Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI) in Darmstadt. Earlier he has been Professor at the University of Stuttgart and the Technical University of Vienna and he has also worked in research and management positions for IBM and Hewlett Packard both in Europe and the USA.
His areas of expertise include distributed databases, object-oriented databases, databases for the internet (e.g. unstructured, semi-structured and structured), information retrieval, infor¬mation visualization, workflow and business processes and their applications in digital libraries, cultural heritage, e-science, e-commerce, and e-government.
He has published four books and about 200 papers. His work has appeared, among others, in the VLDB Journal, Information Systems, Acta Informatica and in many conferences as, for example, VLDB, ICDE, MMDB, ADL, DL, IRC, CAiSE, EC-Web, EURASIA etc. He has served in all capacities on many conference committees and was PC Chair and General Chair, among others, of VLDB, ICDE, WISE, SAINT, JCDL and ECDL.
He was Chair of the IEEE TCDE and IEEE TCDL and was Chair of the ICDE Steering Committee and he is currently Chair of the JCDL Steering Committee. He is a Fellow of IEEE, USA and the Gesellschaft für Informatik, Germany.

Sifting through the Rubble of Big Data for the Human Face of Mobile

Dr. Ismail Khalil, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Abstract: As the landscape around Big data continues to exponentially evolve, the « big » facet of Big data is no more number one priority of researchers and IT professionals. The race has recently become more about how to sift through torrents of data to find the hidden diamond and engineer a better, smarter and healthier world. The ease with which our mobile captures daily data about ourselves makes it an exceptionally suitable means for ultimately improving the quality of our lives and gaining valuable insights into our affective, mental and physical state. This talk takes the first exploratory step into this direction by presenting motivating cases, discussing research directions and describing how to use mobiles to process and analyze the “digital exhaust” it collects about us to automatically recognize our emotional states and automatically respond to them in the most effective and “human” way possible. To achieve this we treat all theoretical, technical, psycho-somatic, and cognitive aspects of emotion observation and prediction, and repackage all these elements into a mobile multimodal emotion recognition system that can be used on any mobile device.

ismail khalil

Ismail Khalil ( ) is a senior researcher and lecturer at the institute of telecooperation, Johanes Kepler University Linz, Austria, since October 2002. He is the president of the international organization of Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (@WAS). He holds a PhD in computer engineering and received his habilitation degree in applied computer science on his work on agents’ interaction in ubiquitous Environments in May 2008.
He currently teaches, consults, and conducts research in Mobile Multimedia, Cloud Computing, Agent Technologies, and the Semantic Web and is also interested in the broader business, social, and policy implications associated with the emerging information technologies. Before joining Johannes Kepler University of Linz, he was a research fellow at the Intelligent Systems Group at Utrecht University, Netherlands from 2001-2002 and the project manager of AgenCom project at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg – Austria from 2000-2001.
Dr. Khalil has authored around 100 scientific publications, books, and book chapters. He is the editor of the Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimediaseries, the book Mobile Multimedia: Communication Engineering Perspective, the book Multimedia Transcoding in Mobile and Wireless Networks, the book Innovations in Mobile Multimedia Communications and Applications: New Technologies and the book Advancing the Next-Generation of Mobile Computing: Emerging Technologies.
He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Web Information Systems (IJWIS), International Journal on Pervasive Computing and Communication (IJPCC) both published by Emerald Group publishing, UK,Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM) published by Rinton Press, USA, International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communication (IJMCMC) published by IGI Global, USA, Advances in Next Generation Mobile Multimedia book series published by IGI Global, USA, and Atlantis Ambient and Pervasive Intelligence book series published by Atlantis and Springer. He is on the editorial board of several international journals. His work has been published and presented at various conferences and workshops.