AsiaARES 2013

Report on the ICT-EurAsia 2013 Conference and its special track AsiaARES 2013

The ICT-EurAsia 2013 Conference was held from the 24 th to the 29 th of March 2013 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. ICT-EurAsia was organized by SBA Research, Vienna in conjunction with the University Gadah Madja (UGM), Yogyakarta and the two University Networks ASEA-UNINET and EURASIA-PACIFIC. Within five days 120 conference participants and student participants from 17 different countries attended the accepted presentations on the latest research results in the area of Information & Communication Technology. ICT-EurAsia focuses on defining requirements of future systems in the area of ICT with a special consideration on fostering long-term relationships among researchers and leading organizations in the Eurasian continent.63 research papers were presented. Special emphasis was put on applications due to the initiative of IFIP TC 5. A special track focusing on availability, reliability, and security (AsiaARES) covers nearly half of the contributions. This track was mainly organized with the support of IFIP WG 8.4. AsiaARES was an attempt to bring the idea of seven successful consecutive ARES conferences which are supported by WG 8.4 to Asia. Within this track a pilot was started  which offers virtual presentations for which authors submitted a video presentation in addition to their paper to allow a larger number of researchers to participate. Special thanks to Ilsun You for all his efforts toward this initiative.